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Our 22-seater party bus is perfect for those looking for a fun and affordable way to get around town. With  lights and sound, this smaller bus is perfect for groups of friends who want to experience the fun and excitement of a party bus without breaking the bank. And while it may not have a pole, don't worry - this party bus is still packed with all the fun you need to get the tempo rising! This is HALF PARTY BUS - features - stereo , lights , aircon , normal seating . Perfect for wedding transfers , airport and just going from A to B.  

the half party bus ready to pick up customers
inside the half party bus 22 seater


 SWAT Party Bus "LITTLE BETTY , VIP LIMO BUS a sensational 25-seater experience! Featuring plush limo-style inwards facing seats for maximum comfort, it's equipped with a dance pole for added entertainment. The stereo system sets the mood with high-quality Stereo surround sound audio, ensuring a lively atmosphere for any celebration. Little Betty is more than just transportation; it's a mobile party venue on wheels. Whether it's a birthday bash or a night out, this party bus offers a unique and unforgettable experience. Cruise in style, dance the night away, and create lasting memories on Little Betty SWAT Party Bus.

the party girls group onboard the 25 seater bus with the pole
inside the 25 seater party bus


Presenting our deluxe party experience – the Ultimate Party Cruiser! This 35 seater extravaganza boasts limo-style, inward-facing seats ensuring maximum comfort. Beat the heat with top-notch air conditioning as you dance the night away around the central dancing pole. The stereo surround system transforms the cruiser into a moving nightclub on wheels, elevating celebrations. Ideal for birthdays, hens , bucks  or any joyous event, the Ultimate Party Cruiser guarantees a stylish and unforgettable ride. Revel in luxury, soak in the beats, and create memories that last a lifetime with the Ultimate Party Cruiser – where every journey is a celebration!

photo of the outside of 35 seater at top golf Gold Coast

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the bucks party group inside the 25 seater bus
work christmas party girls dancing inside the 35 seater


Introducing the 45-Seat SWAT Party Bus Express, the epitome of mobile extravagance! Immerse yourself in the luxury of half limo-style and half theatre-style inward-facing seats, ensuring premium comfort for all 45 passengers. A central dancing pole sets the stage for a vibrant celebration, while the surround sound stereo system, synced seamlessly via Bluetooth, fills the bus with pulsating beats. Mesmerizing laser lights enhance the dynamic ambiance, turning the bus into a moving dance haven. Perfect for large gatherings and events, the SWAT Party Bus Express promises a stylish and unforgettable ride, offering the perfect fusion of luxury, versatility, and entertainment!

formal group ready to go to the HOTA 45 seater
Celebrating Hannahs birthday inside the 45 seater
festival ravers group heading to Brisbane 45 seater
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